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andy lambertSeptember 3, 2015

The Kansas Supreme Court is refusing for now to review a district court judge’s order blocking a ban on a procedure abortion opponents call “dismemberment abortion.” The high court’s 4-3 decision this week means that the Kansas Court of Appeals first will handle a lawsuit filed by two abortion providers against a law that was supposed to take effect in July.

An attorney for the ACLU says Kansas law doesn’t give Secretary of State Kris Kobach the authority to remove thousands of names from the state’s voter registration rolls. Kobach’s critics say he should drop a proposed administrative rule that would require county election officials to cancel incomplete registrations after 90 days.

Frazier Glenn Miller’s son has told a jury that no one else in their family shares his father’s anti-Semitic views. He testified Wednesday in the penalty phase of his father’s trial. Miller was convicted of killing three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City. A jury will decide if he should be sentenced to death.

The state health department is again testing wells in Dodge City after tests a year ago discovered a chemical commonly used in dry cleaning. The EPA says drinking water containing high levels of tetrachloroethylene could lead to an increased cancer risk.

Kansas transportation officials say Garden City and Great Bend are the two finalists for centers that will move goods between trucks and railcars. Seven cities wanted to host the centers called transload sites.

The family of a Wichita man who was fatally shot by police is demanding $10 million in damages. John Paul Quintero’s supporters also are demanding a federal investigation of the shooting. It happened in January as police investigated a report of a man with a knife.

Two elephants at the Garden City Zoo are being moved to a zoo in Colorado. A zoo committee recommended that the aging elephants Missy and Kimba be moved to have a better social life and become part of another herd before one of them dies




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