States wanting grazing restrictions temporarily lifted due to fires…and other headlines: March 13, 2017

andy lambertMarch 13, 2017
The governors of four states including Kansas are seeking temporary suspension of grazing restrictions for farmers and ranchers because of wildfires. The fires have burned more than 2,300 square miles in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico, forcing farmers and ranchers to move their livestock away. According to the agency, emergency grazing of land in the Conservation Reserve Program is authorized under certain conditions to provide relief to livestock producers due to natural disasters.
Kansas recorded a 22 percent increase in traffic fatalities from 2015 to 2016, and experts say distracted drivers are the main culprit. The Kansas Department of Transportation determines 432 people died in traffic accidents last year. The National Safety Council says traffic fatalities increased 6 percent nationwide from 2016. Only five other states had a larger percentage increase in deaths.
As Kansas legislators debate raising income taxes to fix the state’s big budget problems, they’re not tying any of their plans to whether Governor Brownback will leave for a rumored abassadorship in the Trump administration. Bipartisan groups are aiming for an income tax increase with the two-thirds majorities in both chambers needed to override any governor’s veto. If Sam Brownback does leave office for a rumored post in Rome, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer would take over.




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