Special election to fill Pompeo’s vacated seat is set…and other headlines: January 25, 2017

andy lambertJanuary 25, 2017
Governor Brownback sets a special election for April 11th to fill Mike Pompeo’s former seat in congress. He’s now head of the CIA after getting confirmation from the U.S. Senate. At least six Republicans and three Democrats are believed to be vying for the 4th District seat that includes Wichita. Parties have until February 18th to pick their nominees.
There are now charges, and a lot of them against the 19 year old accused of stealing a car right of the showroom floor of Lewis Chevrolet in Dodge City before leading police on a chase. Burglary, theft, and criminal damage counts are just the start, going all the way down to counts for not having insurance or registration for the car he stole. Two Sheriff’s cruisers were also damaged in the chase.
Despite concerns about the budget, state House committees hear testimony for a billy that would waive the fee for veterans and military members looking to star a business. Those range from anywhere to $20 to $165, depending on the type of organization. If approved, the state would be waiving an estimated $207-thousand.
The outbreak of severe weather in the southeast that left at least 20 people dead is raising questions about storm shelters in trailer parks here. An ordinance in Wichita requires the shelters in mobile home parks, but that’s it for Kansas. Figures from the National Weather Service show 44 percent of people in the U.S. killed by tornadoes over the past twenty years were in mobile homes at the time.
Some folks in Halstead who thought they were doing meth apparently weren’t. Law enforcement is looking into reports that dealers had been telling buyers they were getting methamphetamine when in all reality it was rock salt. Police say if you bought meth recently and suspect it may be phony, bring it in for testing. No mention what they’ll do to you if it turns out to be the real thing though.




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