Over 60 Area Athletes Qualify for State Track Meet

Ross VolkmerMay 22, 2021

Over 60 area track and field athletes from NW Kansas will be headed to Wichita next week for the state track meet. 

97 different events from 13 area schools placed inside the top four at their respected regionals this past Friday. 31 of those events were regional champions.

Two area teams won themselves a team regional title: the Colby girls at the 3A Holcomb regional & the Golden Plains girls at the 1A Mankato-Rock Hills Regional. 

State Track will take place once again at Cessna Stadium in Wichita but will not all compete at the same time due to COVID regulations.  3A schools will compete on this coming Friday while 1A & 2A schools will compete on Saturday.


List of 2021 State Track Qualifiers by School:

*Bold indicating regional champion


Cheylin (4 events qualified)

-B-4×800 Relay (2nd)

-B-4×400 Relay (4th)

-Colton McCarty (2nd in 400)

-John Serrano (3rd in Discus)


Colby (15 events qualified—5 Champs)

-Taden Fikan (4th in the 3200)

-Darren Sanders (3rd in Triple Jump)

-Tate Murdock (3rd in Pole Vault)

-Ryan Meyers (4th in Javelin)

-Ian Rosales (2nd in Shot Put)

-Payton Wahlmeier (4th in Shot Put)

-Lara Murdock (1st in 800, Mile & 2 Mile)

-Seanna Metcalf (3rd in 2 Mile)

-4×400 Relay (1st)

-4×800 Relay (2nd)

-Lakin Denny (3rd in High Jump)

-Kourtney Finley (4th in Pole Vault)

-Brooklyn Jones (1st in Javelin)


Decatur Community (5 event qualified—3 Champs)

Rayne Erickson (1st in 400, 1st in 800 & High Jump, 2nd in 200)

Brynna Addleman (2nd in Shot Put)


Golden Plains (8 events qualified—3 Champs)

-Emma Weiner (1st in 1 Mile, 1st in 2 Mile)

-G-4×800 Relay (1st)

-G-4×400 Relay (2nd)

-Ashely Stoll (2nd in 800, 4th in 400)

-Breanna Rath (4th in Long Jump & 4th in Triple Jump)


Goodland (8 events qualified—2 Champs)

-Leyton Cure (1st in 110 Hurdles & 300 Hurdles, 3rd in Javelin)

-Mason Murray (4th in 110 Hurdles)

-Jack Daise (4th in Triple Jumps)

-McKayla Biermann (2nd in 2 Mile)

-Lindsey Cure (2nd in 100 Hurdles, 3rd in 300 Hurdles)


Hoxie (17 events qualified—4 Champs)

-Morgan Keith (1st in High Jump)

-Emily Diercks (2nd in 2 Mile & 2nd in 1 Mile)

-Haley Jacobs (4th in 400)

-G-4×800 Relay (2nd)

-G-4×400 Relay (3rd)

-Aidan Baalman (1st in 400)

-Gabriel Friess (1st in the Mile & 3rd in 2 Mile)

-Caden White (2nd in 300 Hurdles)

-Harlan Obioha (1st in Discus & 4th in Shot Put)

-Cade White (3rd in 110 Hurdles & 3rd in High Jump)

-Ryan Shaw (3rd in Long Jump)

-B-4×800 Relay (3rd)

-B-4×400 Relay (2nd)


Oakley (13 events qualified—6 Champs)

-Liberty Booker (1st in Shot Put)

-Jaelle Johnson (1st in 300 Hurdles & 2nd in 100 Hurdles)

-Andelyn Johnson (3rd in Discus)

-G-4×800 (3rd)

-G-4×400 (4th)

-B-4×800 (1st)

-B-4×100 (1st)

-B-4×400 (3rd)

-Cody Zimmerman (1st in 800)

-Eric Cain (3rd in 800)

-Ethan Abell (1st in 100 & 2nd in 200)


Quinter (12 events qualified—3 Champs)

-Eli Gruenbacher (4th in 3200)

-Kenndy Werth (1st in 300 Hurdles, 2nd in 100 Hurdles, 2nd in 100 & 2nd in Pole Vault)

Kaylar Getz (2nd in Discus)

-G-4×800 Relay (3rd)

Bradley Bogert (1st in 400 & 3rd in 110 Hurdles)

-Collin Thielen (3rd in 800)

-B-4×800 Relay (1st)

-B-4×400 Relay (3rd)


Rawlins County (4 events qualified—2 Champs)

Michaela Rippe (3rd in 100 & 2nd in Long Jump)

-G-4×100 Relay (1st)

-G-4×400 Relay (1st)


St. Francis (1 event qualified)

Shadyron Blank (3rd in 100)


Wallace County (6 events qualified—2 Champs)

-Andrew Smith (1st in High Jump)

-Evan Pearce (4th in 1 Mile)

-Dominic Penka (4th in 800)

-Ja’Asia Stafford (1st in Shot Put)

-G-4×100 Relay (4th)

-Ellie Goodwin (3rd in Long Jump)


Wheatland-Grinnell (8 event qualified—1 Champ)

-Trevor Zarbynicky (1st in Shot Put & 2nd in Discus)

-Treven Humphries (4th in Pole Vault)

-B-4×100 Relay (3rd)

-Kirsten Schroeder (3rd in Shot Put)

-Livia Schultz (4th in Javelin)

-Anna Godek (2nd in Triple Jump)

-Isabella Ostmeyer (3rd in Pole Vault)


Winona-Triplains (1 event qualified)

Courtney Wright (2nd in High Jump)






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