Northeastern Oklahoma takes NJCAA wrestling tournament title; 6 combined CCC, Northwest Tech wrestlers All-Americans

andy lambertMarch 3, 2014


Northeastern Oklahoma A&M jumped out in front early and couldn’t be caught, winning the team title at the 2014 National Junior College Athletic Association Wrestling Tournament with 169 team points. This was NEO A&M’s first wrestling team in 20 years, but its head coach Joe Renfro led his former team Labette Community College to two national championships and two second-place finishes in his 11 years at that college.

Northwest College came in second with 149 team points and Clackamas Community College was third with 139 team points.Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 8.30.32 PM

“This was an extremely competitive tournament with outstanding wrestlers in every weight class, but Northeastern Oklahoma was solid across the board. They advanced nine of 10 wrestlers to the second day of competition and that gave them a significant lead in points that was hard to overcome.” said North Idaho College Athletics Director Al Williams.

Last year’s returning co-championship team and this year’s tournament host, NIC, came in sixth with 72 points and one national champion, 197-pounder Vincent Giulio. Giulio was also awarded the Outstanding Wrestler Award and his girlfriend accepted his marriage on the awards podium.

“The tournament had a wide open field without any returning national champions, so it was enjoyable to watch and see which wrestlers would reach the finals match,” Williams said. “This was an excellent representation of college wrestling for our fans to see and the crowds were enthusiastic. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to hold the tournament in our region.”

Final updates and information for each weight class are posted to the Track Wrestling website at


Team Results

1.         Northeastern Oklahoma A & M                                    169.0

2.         Northwest College                                                             149.0

3.         Clackamas Community College                                      139.0

4.         Colby Community College                                               84.5

5.         Neosho County Community College                           83.0

6.         North Idaho College                                                           72.0

7.         Iowa Central Community College                                 66.0

8.         Ellsworth Community College                                        65.5

9.         Muskegon College                                                              62.0

10.       North Iowa Area Community College                         60.0

11.       Rochester Community & Technical College              52.5

12.       Iowa Lakes Community College                                    51.5

13.       Iowa Western                                                                      51.0

14.       Lincoln College                                                                     50.0

15.       Southwestern Oregon Community College             45.0

16.       Harper College                                                                     43.5

17.       Darton College                                                                     39.5

18.       Labette Community College                                           29.5

19.       Mercyhurst                                                                           27.5

19.       Spartanburg Methodist College                                    27.5

21.       Niagara County Community College                           24.0

22.       Northwest Kansas Tech                                                   23.0

23.       Jamestown Community College                                   22.5

24.       Gloucester Community College                                    22.0

25.       Ridgewater College                                                            19.5

26.       Nassau Community College                                            19.0

27.       Northland Community & Technical College              15.0

28.       Itasca Community College                                               14.5

29.       Highline Community College                                          12.5

30.       Springfield Tech Community College                          12.0

31.       Waubonsee College                                                          10.5

32.       Bergen Community College                                            9.5

32.       Pratt Community College                                                9.5

34.       Western Wyoming College                                             9.0

35.       Triton College                                                                       7.5

36.       Middlesex Community College                                           6.0

37.       SUNY Sullivan                                                                       5.0

38.       Minnesota West Community & Technical College               0.0

38.       Wentworth Junior College                                                   0.0





1st        Alfredo Rodriguez, Iowa Lakes Community College

2nd        Josh Walker, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

3rd        Da’ Wayne Robertson, Ellsworth Community College

4th           Cody Vichi, Northwest College

5th        Tim Prescott, Neosho County Community College

6th        Matthew Nguyen, Southwest Oregon Community College

7th        Jake Bellis, Harper College

8th        Hunter Price, Colby Community College



1st          Cary Palmer, Clackamas Community College

2nd         John Dillon, Mercyhurst University North East

3rd        Zachary Cooper, Muskegon College

4th        Lemuel Johnson, Neosho County Community College

5th        Davion Caston, Darton State College

6th        Jake Nicholson, Jamestown Community College

7th        Darrell Pampkin, Iowa Central Community College

8th        Josh Ailey, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M



1st          Zach Loveless, Northwest College

2nd         Michael Williams, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

3rd        Ronald Wells, Colby Community College

4th        Joe Munos, Rochester Community and Technical College

5th        Matt Gay, Southwest Oregon Community College

6th        Robbie Rizzolino, Clackamas Community College

7th        Peter Stewart, Iowa Western Community College

8th        Zach Wright, Darton State College



1st         Nosomy Pozo, North Iowa Area Community College

2nd        Zack Dobbins, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

3rd        Jeff McCormick, Northwest College

4th        Daniel Pak, Gloucester Community College

5th        Tyler Nation, Iowa Western Community College

6th        Tyler Stenberg, Muskegon College

7th        Elijah Davis, Northwest Kansas Tech

8th        Blake Santi, Harper College





1st         Yoanse Mejias, North Iowa Area Community College

2nd        Richie Lewis, Iowa Central Community College

3rd        Mark Hobson, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

4th        Eleazar DeLuca, Clackamas Community College

5th        Kyle Wade, Nassau Community College

6th        Konner Kriss, Colby Community College

7th        Anthony Smith, Darton State College

8th        Greg Jacquez, Harper College




1st         Diorian Coleman, Northwest College

2nd       Calvin Ochs, Colby Community College

3rd        Kyle Bateman, Clackamas Community College

4th        Ritchie Guillaume, Ellsworth Community College

5th        O’shea Smith-Traylor, Neosho County Community College

6th        David Frazier, Lincoln College

7th        Jordan Engen, Northland Community and Technical College

8th        Ryan Niven, Iowa Central Community College




1st        Payne Hatter, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

2nd        Jared Johnson, Colby Community College

3rd         Garrett Miller, Rochester Community and Technical College

4th        Brandon Sorenson, Iowa Lakes Community College

5th        Cole McArthur, Northwest College

6th        Derrick Booth, North Idaho College

7th        Cody Carson, Pratt Community College

8th        Thomas Daniels, North Iowa Area Community College




1st         Adrian Salas, Clackamas Community College

2nd      Matt Hurford, Ellsworth Community College

3rd        Miles Nixon, Northwest College

4th        Tyler White, Labette Community College

5th        Austin Warren, Neosho County Community College

6th        Brandon Riggins, Springfield Technical Community College

7th        Kolbjorn Skaflestad, Southwest Oregon Community College

8th        Caleb Cotter, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M




1st         VJ Giulio, North Idaho College

2nd        Jonathan Wixom, Northwest College

3rd        Ihoghama Odighizuwa, Clackamas Community College

4th        Donavan Fouchey, Muskegon College

5th        Shelby Krout, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

6th        Stephon Rudicil, Lincoln College

7th        Mike Amaro, Bergen Community College

8th        Dillon Archer, Neosho County Community College




1st        Dequence Goodman, Lincoln College

2nd      Malcolm Allen, Iowa Central Community College

3rd        Evan McGee, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M

4th        John Griswold, Spartansburg Methodist College

5th        Taylor Kornoely, North Idaho College

6th        Chris Schleuger, Iowa Western Community College

7th        Alex Yeager, Itasca Community College

8th         Brandon Johnson, Clackamas Community College



Ernest Gould Outstanding Wrestler Award: VJ Giulio, North Idaho College, 197


Bruce Traphagen Fall Award: Chris Schleuger, Iowa Western, 285


Joseph Rockenbach Sportsmanship Award: Zach Loveless, Northwest College, 141


Non-Scholarship Coach of the Year: Randy Rager, Rochester Community and Technical College


Scholarship Coach of the Year: Joe Renfro, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M


NJCAA Wrestling Man of the Year: Bob Purcell of Minnesota West Community and Technical College


NJCAA Academic Team of the Year: With a team GPA of 3.49, Highline Community College from Des Moines, Washington


Hall of Fame Inductees: Jose Medina, former Triton College and University of Nebraska at Omaha wrestler; Matt Lindland, former Clackamas Community College and University of Nebraska wrestler and Olympic athlete; former North Idaho College and Montana State University—Northern wrestler; and Pat Whitcomb, former North Idaho College, Oklahoma University, and Western Montana wrestler and four-time NJCAA championship head coach at NIC.





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