Much of western Kansas in drought conditions…and other headlines: December 5, 2016

andy lambertDecember 5, 2016
The latest report from the U.S. Drought Monitor finds much of western Kansas at either moderate or severe stage. That comes just a few weeks after the whole state was declared drought free for the first time since 2010. Stats from the USDA show 96 percent of Kansas wheat has emerged, while 45 percent of topsoil moistuer is short to very short.
Far southern Kansas feels a magnitude 3.9 earthquake. The epicenter of the rattler, about 9 miles east of Pawnee, Oklahoma. No indication of damage or injuries. The earthquakes across the border have been linked to oil and gas production and state regulators have clamped down the underground wastewater wells used in that.
A farmer in Pratt County files a federal lawsuit aimed at stopping a new wind farm out of concern for the endangered whooping crane. That wind farm is expected to go online next week. The man filing the suit claims the wind farm is right in a flyway for whooping cranes, including a migrating flock with about 330 of the birds in it.
Sentencing is set for December 22nd for the man who pled no contest to charges accusing him of attacking a woman he met on Tinder. He was also suspected of holding her in his home in Lawrence for six days while beating her repeatedly in that time.
The city of Frederick has just nine registered voters, so imagine the surprise election officials got when they tallied the votes on a proposal to dissolve the city and the final vote was 13 to 7. Turns out the wrong ballots were handed out by mistake at a polling place in Rice County, and the error wasn’t caught until after the results were certified so Frederick remains a city for now.




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