Marshall on USDA aid to farmers: “A band-aid on a deep wound”

Jackson SchneiderJuly 24, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today the United States Department of Agriculture announced that it would authorize $12 billion in programs to aid farmers harmed by retaliatory trade actions. These programs would provide relief to many Kansas producers who have been hurt the most from retaliatory tariffs, with pork, wheat, corn, soybeans and sorghum on the program’s list.

“This is a start, but it’s more or less putting a band-aid on a deep wound,” Rep. Marshall said. “I applaud the USDA for acknowledging the impact these tariffs have had on American producers, but this is only short-term relief, the main focus should still be on getting our trade agreements wrapped up!

 Many details remain to be ironed out, as it is still unclear how the $12 billion will be dispersed and if losses already incurred will be covered. The USDA is planning to roll the program out in September.

“The next step would be to couple this effort with opening new markets and finishing NAFTA, that’s what I hope to see,” Rep. Marshall said. “No one wants to see government payments instead of markets, but we need to take care of producers as this administration works to end unfair trading practices and find a more permanent solutions.”

Trade retaliation has impacted numerous U.S. products, hurting Kansas crops like soybeans and sorghum, and affecting livestock products like milk, beef, and pork.

“I think the message sent today by the USDA is for our farmers to hang on and believe in this administration, that our farmers are not being forgotten about,” Rep. Marshall said.

USDA Secretary, Sonny Perdue said that today’s announcement serves as “a short-term solution to allow President Trump time to work on long-term trade deals to benefit agriculture and the entire U.S. economy.”



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