KS Republicans mixed over potential state tax increase…and other headlines: February 17, 2017

andy lambertFebruary 17, 2017
Republicans in the Kansas House are split over a bill passed by the chamber to increase income taxes. Forty of the chamber’s 85 Republicans voted for the proposal when it passed on a 76-48 vote. Thirty-six of the chamber’s 40 Democrats supported the bill. The House Speaker opposed the bill but Majority Leader Don Hineman of Dighton supported it.
A Chinese national living in Manhattan – convicted of conspiring to steal proprietary rice seeds developed in the U.S. and giving them to visitors from China. He worked as a rice breeder for Ventria Bioscience in Junction City, which develops genetically engineered rice for use in therapeutic and medical fields. Trial evidence indicated he gave hundreds of seeds to a visiting delegation from China.
A Johnson County sheriff’s deputy says two men who kidnapped and raped her referred to each other by name during the attack. She took the stand yesterday in the preliminary hearing for the two men from Jackson County, Missouri. They are each charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sodomy and two counts of rape.
Wichita police search for two men who went into a pharmacy through the drive-through window and took about $10,000 in prescription medications. The Walgreens where it happened was closed when the robbery happened yesterday. The thieves took mostly painkillers like OxyContin, oxycodone and hydrocodone but didn’t take any cash.
After a month of investigating, police arrest two men in Junction City. They’re accused of running a meth lab out of a house. Law enforcement seized methamphetamine, plus drug paraphernalia and some of the ingredients used to make meth. It’s unclear how long the lab had been in operation.




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