Judge says lawyers deserve pay from the State…and other headlines: September 28, 2016

andy lambertSeptember 28, 2016
A federal judge orders the state to pay nearly $300-thousand to attorneys who successfully challenged Kansas’ ban on same-sex marriage. The state didn’t dispute the amount. The lawsuit was filed two years ago by five gay and lesbian couples, and came about a year before the Supreme Court determined bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional.
The Kansas Board of Regents predicts a potential 5 percent cut in state funding for the university system would impact K-U, K-State, and K-U Med the most. K-State officials have already said there’d be cuts if the funding is reduced, while Wichita State would likely freeze cap-ex projects and eliminate staff positions.
Meanwhile, Governor Brownback’s budget director is telling state agency secretaries the governor isn’t planning to propose across-the-board cuts in their budgets next year. An email to cabinet secretaries states some “reduced resources” proposals agencies submitted would be harmful. That said, the email leaves open the possibility of targeted budget cuts from the governor’s office.
Harvey County asks for federal money to help victims and first responders impacted by the Excel Industries shooting in Hesston this year. Officials applied for a $220-thousand grant to bankroll mental health and victim’s advocate services, plus education and training for law enforcement and first responders. Four people, including the shooter died in that attack in late February.
A man is in the hospital after being hit by a truck driven by a 12-year old girl in Harvey County. The impact pushed him through a plate glass window at a gas station, possibly breaking his leg in the process. The 12-year old behind the wheel had a licensed 16-year old boy in the truck with her, and he’s been cited for Contributing to a Child’s Misconduct.




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