Health Insurance increases for some and other Today in Kansas Report headlines: October 28, 2015

andy lambertOctober 28, 2015
The federal government says rates will increase 16 percent for Kansas residents who buy middle-of-the-road “silver” health coverage plans through its online marketplace. The increase in Kansas is higher than the average for 38 states where consumers rely on the federal exchange. The average increase in those states is around 7 percent.
A woman in Wellington is convicted of fatally beating and stabbing her 10-year-old son to death in his bedroom. She is accused of hitting him with a rock before stabbing him several times. That woman told police she was concerned about her son’s future and wanted him to “go to heaven tonight.” She underwent mental exams and was deemed competent for trial.
A man is suing Wichita and a police officer over the death of his son. The father of John Paul Quintero alleges city police have a policy of using deadly force even in cases where there is no immediate threat to officers. Quintero was shot to death in a January confrontation with police.
A federal lawsuit claims Dodge City jails poor people who can’t afford to pay bond fees. A Washington-based advocacy group has filed similar lawsuits in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Missouri. All accuse court systems of ignoring U.S. Supreme Court decisions that say courts must determine whether people have the ability to pay fines before jailing them for nonpayment.
Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson has unveiled a new vision for schools that places equal focus on academic and nonacademic skills to help graduates be successful in the workforce. Each student would have an individualized education plan. Businesses would be asked to play a larger role through internships and job shadowing.




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