Headlines from the Today in Kansas Report: November 22, 2016

andy lambertNovember 22, 2016
The woman accused of killing a mother in Wichita and stealing her baby says in a jailhouse interview that the woman had agreed to give her the baby but backed out of the deal at the last moment. In a television interview in Spanish, that woman admitted to killing the baby’s mom but claimed she did not mean to.
When Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach met with President-elect Donald Trump he brought with him a detailed outline of recommendations for the Homeland Security Department during Trump’s first year in office. At the top of the list is the relaunching of a program to register and track immigrants from certain countries.
The convictions of two men who relied on a Kansas law to protect them from prosecution for federal firearms violations have raised questions about the legal basis of gun control. The National Firearms Act is a part of the Internal Revenue code enacted under Congress’ power to levy taxes. This case raises the question of whether that taxing authority can be used to regulate firearms that stay within state borders.
A probable cause affidavit says a Wichita man was tortured before he was killed over the loss of $185 in a methamphetamine deal. The court document details the sexual torture of that man and a woman who survived.
A woman who pleaded no contest in Lawrence to beating two mentally challenged men she was caring for and locking them in their rooms for days will spend just 10 days in jail. She’ll also be on probation for two years. One of the victims has filed a civil suit against that woman, plus the company that employed her as a caregiver.




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