Governor Brownback and Legislators make statements on Oil and Gas Depletion Trust Fund

andy lambertJanuary 14, 2014


During the 2013 Kansas Legislative Session a budget was passed that reduced the amount Kansas counties received from the Oil and Gas Depletion Trust Fund. Due to a misunderstanding between legislators and counties about when the reduction would be enacted the Governor has decided to increase the payments to counties by $7.5 million in fiscal year 2014.


“I understand the confusion and frustration by members of the Kansas House and counties in western Kansas,” said Governor Brownback. “This is why I have agreed to propose increasing the payments to counties.”


“I am pleased the Governor is taking steps to assure the intent of the 2013 legislature regarding distribution of oil and gas depletion trust funds to counties is being met in his supplemental budget proposal,” said Representative Russ Jennings. “I appreciate the willingness of the Governor and his Budget Director to discuss and consider our request to correct technical errors in bill drafting last year that resulted in confusion and distribution of funds in an amount significantly less than anticipated by counties.”brownback


“Several of us worked with the Governor and Legislative Leadership on the Oil & Gas issue over the summer and am pleased the Governor has taken action in his supplemental budget request to fix this important issue for our oil and gas producing counties,” said Representative Kyle Hoffman.


“This fund is a very important safety net for the counties and I am pleased that we were able to work with Governor Brownback to find a solution,” said Representative Don Hineman. “It is important that the counties have funds set aside for the day when the wells finally begin to run out.  This agreement insures that money will be there for them.”


“I am glad to have been a part of a resolution to clarify legislative intent that is good for my district and Kansans alike,” said Representative Ron Ryckman, Sr.


“I appreciate the Governor’s support of this program that will help provide current or future property tax relief to many of my constituents and Kansans all across our state. It has been a priority of mine and will continue to be,” said Senator Garrett Love


Press release via Kansas Office of the Governor




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