Bowladium Lanes fetches $22,000 in auction

andy lambertJuly 30, 2013

IMG_0618It’s one thing for a pin setter to be out of order. It’s a bigger problem if a bowling alley altogether closes down. But after a near five year absence from relevancy in the Goodland community, Bowladium Lanes is now under new ownership.


The 14,500 foot complex was purchased by the winning party headed by Chuck Wilkens for $22,000 after the conclusion of a 10 minute bidding war between his group and a buyer who bid via phone.


Terry Richardson, broker and owner of Richardson’s Homestead Realtor and Auction, offered to sell the bowling alley in tracts. He did not know how much total money the auction would bring in, but his estimations ranged from $5,000 to $50,000 if not more.


The first item up for auction was the personal property on site, which included the 12 hardwood lanes, the pin equipment and all existing bowling balls. If purchased, a second tract would be auctioned off that consisted of the building, kitchen area and equipment, two restrooms and the parking lot.


No one bid on the bowling-related items which, according to Richardson, could potentially be worth the investment.


“An individual told me he heard there was a bowling alley who sold the lanes separate because that’s where a lot of value was,” Richardson said. “A guy bought and tore those lanes out and sold them per foot and did quite well.”


With no bid on the first tract, Richardson moved straight to selling the complex as a whole. Associate broker and realtor Donna Moore bid for the anonymous party who remained undisclosed.


Wilkens party and the mystery party methodically shot up the bidding price from $5,000 to $20,000 in $500 increments. After a lengthy chat with the unknown bidder, Moore said he was out after Wilkens and company topped their bid of $21,500.


Wilkens chuckled after the auction and said the idea of coming to the auction was sporadic and somewhat impromptu.


When asked what he would be doing with the facility, Wilkens never gave a solidified answer. He simply looked around and said through a smile, “It looks to me like a bowling alley.”


— This story was compiled and written by Beau Tiongson (photographs included). Follow NWKS Radio on Facebook… additional pictures inside Bowladium Lanes will be posted on Facebook soon.






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