BOE says restoring state funding keeps student costs down…and other headlines: February 6, 2017

andy lambertFebruary 6, 2017
The head of Kansas’ governing board of education says restoring state funding for higher education is a structural way to keep college costs down for students. The Kansas Board of Regents’ president and CEO offered that assessment after Republican Gov. Sam Brownback announced a community college accepted his challenge to try to develop a degree that would cost just $15-thousand.
The Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t been able to figure out why a Kansas woman lost her parachute and fell to her death in northern Oklahoma. The case has been under investigation since that woman jumped with an instructor from 10,000 feet back in July. She pulled the string to deploy her parachute at about 6,000 feet. An FAA spokesman says an investigator “was unable to conclusively determine” how that woman separated from the parachute.
Law enforcement in Ottawa County continues investigating after IED’s were found in a home in Tescott. The Riley County Bomb Squad came out to handle those while the apartment complex where the explosives were found was evacuated. Officials aren’t saying much about what led to the search warrant that turned up the IED’s, and while there haven’t been arrests they’re far from done.
More and more police and sheriff’s departments in Kansas are deploying body cameras, and that includes Ellis County. The sheriff’s office plans to buy eight new body cameras as well as six new in-car camera systems. Coupled with trade-in value for some old systems that’ll cost just over $7,000. The sheriff says an officer-involved shooting last fall wasn’t a factor in the decision.
A Hutchinson man gets just over 14 years in prison after admitting in court to selling prescription pills and methamphetamine as well as using a credit card he stole out of the mail. He was caught on camera using it more than 25 times in McPherson and Hutchinson. In addition to the drugs and stolen credit card, officers also found more than $4,000 cash in a motel room where he’d been living.




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