Bill being drafted to repeal income tax cut…and other headlines: January 10, 2017

andy lambertJanuary 10, 2017
As expected, a Kansas House committee is drafting a bill to repeal an income tax cut for farmers and business owners that was championed by Governor Brownback. The Taxation Committee voted to sponsor the measure, and did that less than three hours after the Legislature convened its annual session. Some committee members are pushing for lawmakers to pass the bill this month.
An internal investigation of the Kansas National Guard turns up concerns about “toxic leadership”. The probe started in 2013, with claims that recruiters were pressured from above to clear unqualified applicants. The lieutenant colonel who started the investigation concluded five members of the Guard deserved demotion, relief of some duties, or dismissal outright.
A former teacher in Atchison gets more than five years in prison for trading sexually suggestive text messages with a 14-year-old boy. Robert Bulk taught at Atchison Middle School and was sentenced on two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Police in Atchison arrested him in July after the victim’s family contacted them about text messages the child exchanged with Bulk during June. The crime did not involve any physical contact.
There will not be charges for a police officer in Overland Park who shot at a man who allegedly rammed a truck into the officer’s vehicle and then turned the pickup toward the policeman. The Johnson County Attorney’s office says that officer was justified in firing shots at the man last month.
Wildlife experts are trying to determine if the state’s deer population is contracting an unusual, contagious foot disease at a higher than average rate. If so, the next question is why. Kansas officials are working with researchers in Georgia to explore the prevalence of foot rot in deer. There have been reports of foot rot in 14 counties, and anybody who comes across a suspected case should notify the state’s wildlife disease coordinator.




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