Area Track Athletes Compete at Regionals

Ross VolkmerMay 17, 2019

When the busy day was done at the 3A, 2A & 1A regional track meets, 99 total athletes from the Northwest Kansas area qualified for the state track meet in Wichita next weekend.

Due to the questionable weather possibly coming into the Northwest Kansas area regional track meets were moved up a day to make sure they got them in.

The Wallace County girls were the only school from the area to capture a regional team title, doing so in 1A just defeating other area teams in Rawlins County & Golden Plains who came in second & third respectively.

Wallace County as a school qualified the in the most events of any area team with 15, ten girls events & five boys events.  Colby & Oakley tied for the second most with 13 events total each.

Every school from the Northwest Kansas area qualified at least two events for state except for Goodland who didn’t qualify any.

Of the 99 athletes to qualify, 22 of them were regional champs.


Qualifiers By School:

*Italics meaning regional champion* 


Colby — 13 Events Qualifly (5 girls / 8 boys—3 girls champions)

Girls 4×800 relay (1st=10:05)

Brittany Foss (4th—100 Hurdles=16.84)

Lara Murdock (1st—Mile=5:39) & (1st—2 Mile=12:32)

Seanna Metcalf (3rd—2 Mile=12:37)

Aaron Kurth (2nd—Shot Put=50ft & half inch)

Xavier Slaven (4th—Javelin=155-05)

Calvin Stapp (3rd—100 meter dash=11.16) & (4th—200 meter dash=23.43)

Boys 4×100 relay (4th=44.54)

Boys 4X400 (2nd=3:27)

Luis Madrid (2nd—300 hurdles=41.75)

Brysen Metcalf (2nd—800=2:03)


Hoxie — 11 Events Qualify (5 girls / 6 boys—2 girls champions & 1 boys champion)

Addison Campbell (1st—Long Jump=15 feet, 9.25 inch) & (1st—Triple Jump=33 feet, 7 & 3/4 inches)

Morgan Kieth (4th—Triple Jump=31 feet, 7 inches)

Girls 4×800 relay (1st=10:19)

Emily Diercks (2nd—2 Mile=12:14)

Jared Kennedy (1st—High Jump= 5-10) & (3rd—400=53.09)

Harlan Obioha (3rd—Discus=156 feet, 9 inches)

Boys 4×800 relay (2nd=8:35)

Thaddeus Friess (2nd—2 Mile=10:45) & (4th—1 Mile=4:47)


Oakley — 13 Events Qualify (6 girls / 7 boys—1 girls champion & 1 boys champion)

Jordyn Lowrie (1st—High Jump= 5 feet 2)

Liberty Booker (4th—Shot Put=35 feet, 5 & 3/4)

Andelyn Johnson (3rd—Dicus=107 feet even)

Danielle Allison (4th—Mile=5:38) & (3rd—800=2:29)

4×400 relay (3rd=4:14)

Boys 4×800 relay (1st=8:32)

Ellis Slack (4th—Javelin=162-10)

Ethan Abell (4th—100 meter dash=11.65)

Wyatt Abell (4th—800= 2:06)

Kade Hemmert (2nd—300 Hurdles=41.67)

Cody Zimmerman (2nd—800=2:05)

Boys 4×400 relay (2nd=3:31)


St. Francis — 10 Events Qualify (2 girls / 8 boys—1 boys champion)

Girls 4×100 Relay (4th=53.75)

Hannah Zimbel (4th—400=1:02)

Brady Dinkel (1st—200=23.11)

Cody Baxter (4th—110 Hurdles=17.28) & (2nd—300 Hurdles=42.12)

Jordan Raby (2nd—400=52.56)

Shadyron Blanka (2nd—Triple Jump=41 feet an inch and a quarter)

Boys 4×400 Relay (2nd=3:35)

Boys 4×800 Relay (2nd=8:55)

Boys 4×100 Relay (4th=45.14)


Wallace County— 15 Events Qualify (10 girls / 5 boys—2 girls champions & 2 boys champions)

Leah Ayers (1st—Pole Vault=9 feet even)

Haylee Hennick (1st—Discus=121 feet even)

Aubrey Kuhlman (3rd—100 Hurdles=17.41),  (2nd—300 Hurdles=52.32) & (2nd—Long Jump=16 feet & quarter inch)

Lakin Perry (4th—100 Meter Dash=13.49)

Girls 4×100 Relay (2nd=53.22)

Girls 4×400 Relay (3rd=4:24)

Victoria Springsteel (4th—Discus=102 feet and 6 inches) & (3rd—Javelin=120 feet and one inch)

Trevor Medina (1st—Long Jump=21 feet 4 inches), (1st—Triple Jump=42 feet & 4 inches) & (3rd—800=2:07)

Trevor Fischer (3rd—2 Mile=10:45) & (3rd—Mile=4:41)


Rawlins County— 8 Events Qualify (all girls—1 champion)

Abigail Singhateh (1st—Shot Put=37 feet, 10 inches)

Kristen Beckman (2nd—Shot Put=36 feet, 6 inches) & (3rd—Discus=102 feet & 11 inches)

Girls 4×400 Relay (4th=4:25)

Porsha Binning (2nd—Mile=6:00)

Amy Crouse (4th—300 Hurdles=52.97)

Brea Lances (3rd—Long Jump=15 Feet, 11 and a half inches)

Libby Mosley (3rd—Triple Jump=34 feet even)


Golden Plains— 8 Events Qualify (7 girls / 1 boys—3 girls champions)

Girls 4×100 Relay (1st=52.61)

Girls 4×400 Really (1st=4:10)

KayCee Miller (1st—Long Jump=16 feet, 9 and half inches) & (4th—200=27.91)

Ashley Stoll (2nd—400=1:01)

Mabel Lugo (3rd—400=1:02)

Brooke Stoll (2nd—800=2:33)

Jacob Ritter (2nd—Long Jump=20 feet, 9 & 3/4 inches)


Weskan— 4 Events Qualify (2 girls / 2 boys—1 boys champion)

Brylee Aldridge (3rd—800=2:35)

Jenna See (2nd—Pole Vault=8 feet, 6 inches)

Boys 4×800 Relay (1st=8:52)

Zackary Box (4th—800=2:08)


Cheylin— 3 Events Qualify (1 girl / 2 boys—1 boys champion)

Girls 4×800 Relay (3rd=11:21)

Jacob Serrano (1st—Dicus=149 feet & 4 inches)

Tyler Sabatka (4th—Triple Jump=40 feet & 5 inches)


Wheatland-Grinnell— 3 Events Qualify (3 girls)

Kiersten Schroeder (4th—Shot Put=36 feet, 1 and 1.5 inches)

Anna Godek (2nd—Triple Jump=34 feet & 6 inches)

Isabella Ostmeyer (4th—Pole Vault=8 feet even)


Quinter—4 Events Qualify (3 girls / 2 Boys—1 boys champion & 1 girls champion)

Evie Gruenbacher (1st—Triple Jump=35 feet & 6 & 3/4 inches) & (3rd—Pole Vault=8 feet, 6 inches)

Blake Selensky (4th—Javelin=111 feet & 11 inches)

Conner Havlas (1st—High Jump=6 feet, 2 inches)

Kasen Ostmeyer (3rd—Javelin=171 feet, 6 & half inches)


Greeley County—2 Events Qualify (1 girl / 1 boy)

Lauren Crotinger (4th—2 Mile=14 feet & 6 inches)

Fabel Yanez (2nd—2 Mile=10:43)


Brewster—2 Events Qualify (3 Boys—1 champion)

Zach Johnson (1st—Shot Put=47 feet & 3 inches) & (2nd—Discus=149 feel & 2 inches)

Colten Palmer (4th—400=53.06)


Triplains—3 Events Qualify (1 girls / 2 boys)

Courtney Wright (3rd—High Jump=4 feet, 10 inches)

Taylor Wright (4th—High Jump=5 feet, 10 inches)

Shinnosuke Someya (3rd—Triple Jump=40 feet, 7 and half inches)


PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Cure





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